Here's a Sample of Passion To Profit® Most Inspiring Success Stories

Mohamed Abbas

Passion: Fiction Writing

Iman Refaat

Passion: Women Empowerment

Kareem Saeed

Passion: Game Design

Mostafa Mohamed

Passion: Friendship & Wellbeing

Heba Anwar

Passion: Nutrition

Eman El-Gamal

Passion: Soap Making

Akram Yousry

Passion: Product Design

Dalia Abu Alam

Passion: Parenting

Hend Thabet

Passion: Health

Mohamed Eraky

Passion: Relationships

Doaa El-Adly

Passion: Coffee

Ahmed Adel

Passion: Steel Structure

Mohamed Samy

Passion: Fashion Design

Khalid El-Naggar

Passion: Woodworking

Ehab Ghobara

Passion: Photography

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