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Here's What You're Going To Learn In This Revolutionary Course

2.5 hours of content-rich videos that will show you everything you need to know about getting more customers ... FAST

Module 1: The Product Map

This module provides a strategic framework to help you design and identify how, when, and why your products need to be introduced to the market.

From this starting point, you can build the right product, at the right time, at the right price.

Module 2: The Sales M.A.P.®

This module helps you identify the sales strategy that best suits your products. 

Based on 12 years of experience in selling products & services online, this compact, easy-to-read visual map will help you develop and implement a winning sales strategy for your business.

Module 3: The Sales Process

The Sales Process translates your sales strategy into action.

It allows you to implement a structured and systematic plan that ensures maximum results.

Through clear, step-by-step guidance and practical exercises, the module ties all aspects of your sales process together into one cohesive system ... where you can evaluate, track, and optimize your sales activities for maximum profits.

Module 4: The Sales Presentation

To succeed in business you must learn how to deliver winning sales presentations that build trust and influence your potential customer to make the purchase decision.

This module provides you with a short, simple, and effective guide on how to create a great sales presentation.

Plus, you will learn some incredibly powerful ways to follow up with leads who don't buy on the first presentation.

No matter if you are making presentations in person, over the phone, or as e-mailed attachments, this module will show you the subtle yet powerful ways to ensure the customer buys from you every time.

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  • A list of Key Performance Indicators that will help you make better decisions about your advertising and achieve your goals of boosting sales and profit.

  • How to use ‘story-based ads’ to turn total strangers into raving customers and avid promoters of your business.

  • ... and much much more.
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Mohamed Tohami

Named #1 Startups Thought Leader by Thinkers360, the world's first open platform for thought leaders & influencers.

Tohami is a serial entrepreneur, #1 international bestselling author of five books and the highest-paid marketing consultant in Egypt.

Tohami is the founder of three companies ...

Passion Point, helping unfulfilled employees start and grow their own passion-based businesses.

Chess Your Child, Egypt's #1 academy for teaching kids chess as a character-building tool.

And 30YRS, a disruptive digital advertising agency that specializes in creating Facebook ads that sell.

Tohami is the co-director of Founder Institute Egypt.

Founder Institute is the world's largest tech-startup accelerator, with chapters in over 200 cities and across the globe. 

And he is also a member of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt

Tohami is a blessed father of 3 kids and a black-belt Aikido practitioner :-)

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